Our Team

Megan Walker

Megan Walker also comes from a national insurance carrier background with a formal education in accounting. She’s had an interest in the world of finance from early on and along with the rest of the team has a desire to provide high levels of service to her clients. As a specialization, Megan is fascinated by investment management and portfolio construction. She believes in holistic health and the three key components of wellness and is starting a campaign that teaches women that they can be in control of their physical, mental and financial health.

Ellery Oickle

Ellery Oickle joins the financial world after a career in wireless communications where he rose to become the Director of Sales for a national organization. Ellery is as passionate about raising financial acumen as is the rest of the team. He truly believes in caring for the client – YOU! Ellery started in the insurance world at a national carrier and there found that his greatest impact and fulfillment came in helping people understand estate planning; what actually happens and what pitfalls to avoid.

Patrick Driedger

Patrick Driedger is an experienced and successful entrepreneur. Armed with a diverse skill set exhibiting strengths in problem solving, vision casting and project management. Pat founded his business on the idea that wealth education and wealth management are the keys to prosperity. Pat takes a holistic approach and feels that he can and does make an impact in the lives of his clients on a daily basis.